Aloha Ginga!

Capoeira São Salvador – Hawai’i Island is a group that exists to train people in capoeira on the Big Island of Hawaii. Students are educated in methods of attack and evasion while becoming familiar with the music, culture, philosophy, and language of Capoeira.  The result is both a total body workout and immersion in a beautiful Brazilian art form.

Capoeira São Salvador was founded by Mestre Pedro Cruz of Salvador, Bahia. He has been teaching in Portland, Oregon since 2001.  The class in Hilo is taught by Sargaço, who has trained under Mestre Pedro Cruz since 2011.


Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that blends a dynamic array of kicks, sweeps, and acrobatics by setting them to traditional Brazilian rhythms and songs. Capoeira is simultaneously a martial art, a dance, a game, and a ritual. Having survived since its inception by African slaves who were brought to Brazil hundreds of years ago, Capoeira flourished in Bahia, Brazil during the early 20th century and continues to thrive and evolve today in the 21st century.


All levels welcome!

Tuesdays  noon-1:15pm (Occasionally varies-detailed schedule below)
Thursdays 6:45-8:00pm

Penn Training and Fitness Center
639 Kinoole St, Hilo, HI

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Private lessons available

Tuesday Schedule January – March

Jan 30 – noon-1:15pm
Feb 6 – noon-1:15pm
Feb 13 – noon-1:15pm
Feb 20 – noon-1:15pm
Feb 27 – 2pm-3:15pm
March 6 – 2pm-3:15pm
March 13 – noon-1:15pm
March 20 – noon-1:15pm
March 26 (*Monday)- noon-1:15pm